Poultry farm in Nepal

Industry: Poultry
Structure: Evolution
Country: Nepal Nepal

Dumkibas poultry farm pvt. ltd. needed to expand their business in Nepal with a new structure for egg storage.

How did we act?
Local contractors could not meet their expectations, so Dumkibas decided to entrust C-lines with the project.
We developed a new 50m x 18m x 4m C-Lines Evolution structure. The robust design was tailor-made to fully met the needs of the customer.

The project went as planned and was completed on time.

This new building operates as central egg storage area with sufficient ceiling height for proper working conditions.

What are the advantages for the customer?
First, the building was built well and designed properly. Thanks to the C-Lines system, we avoid mistakes in the building phase and we can accurately estimate the delivery time.

There was also good teamwork to understand the real needs and develop a customized solution to guarantee the best finished product.

The result was a well-designed and well-ventilated building that looks great.

C-lines – well-designed buildings that are easy to install