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Evolution® structures offer a very wide range of pre-fabricated, tailor made solutions for almost every possible use & application. Benefiting from an extraordinary experience feedback from more than 60 countries, and with more than 200 constructions per year, C-Lines has been able to adapt and offer high quality poultry houses that are bio secured and resistant to any weather condition.

The C-Lines Evolution product lines is an answer to all your agricultural building’s needs:
– Adaptable to all livestock housing industries
– Limitless architectural and structural solutions
– Designed to adapt to all climate and environmental conditions
– With Evolution: All challenge are accepted!
Made to order, the C-Lines Evolution structures are taking the best of steel properties to better suits your project needs:
– Top performance high tensile cold formed bolted structures,
– Traditional hot dip galvanised black welded steel structures
– Any configuration and dimensions possible.
The C-Lines Evolution buildings are more of a process than a product. Our project management includes:
– A personalised customer accompaniment from feasibility studies to project commisioning,
– Rapid and effective design service to support yourtechnical and administrative needs.
– A central coordination role to help organize other contractors and equipment suppliers scope of work.
Building’s operational performance is C-Lines signature. Our Evolution line applies international best practices in terms of Bio-security and Climate control:
– Fully air-tighted houses adapted to every ventilation system.
– Smooth and post-free production spaces,
– Water proofed internal surfaces to allow high pressure washing,
– Sturdy and coated material for farming environment,
Evolution buildings are accomodating a wide range of materials, equipment and finishes to match your needs and budgets:
– Roofing solutions adapted to any climate solution and insulation requirements,
– High performance insulated sandwich panels for a perfect weather proofing and operational performances,
– Wide range of sturdy doors, windows, emergency windows, roof vents, natural lighting options, gutters, suspended structures, plateforms and stairs.
– Specific add-ons like PVC planking, PVC slats, special netting, pop-holes, etc..



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