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Benefiting from an extraordinary experience feedback from more than 60 countries, and with more than 200 constructions per year, C-Lines has been able to adapt and offer high quality poultry houses that are bio secured and resistant to any weather condition. Generations ® standard structures, which span between 8 to 16 meters width, are perfect for your agriculture needs.

The patented Generation® structure is a real innovation in the sector of prefabricated livestock and rearing buildings’ industry. Geometrical and structural optimization led to this distinctive shape with great benefits:
– Ultra-light structures
– Aerodynamic design, performing excellent under hurricane wind conditions
– Improved foundations to frame constraints allowing for optimized load distribution
– Improved performance for suspended loads (hanging nets, hoppers, trolley, feeds and watering rail)

Generation® buildings are designed under the principles of passive climate control:
– Very long roof overhang to prevent sun radiation on the side walls,
– Fully ventilated attic space with continuous ridge vent
– Guaranteed air-tighted internal shell,
– Optional 3 slopes ceiling for lateral ventilation and heat segregation in emergency ventilation mode.
Generation® is the perfect match for foremost buildings quality at the lowest cost of ownership:
– Lowest cost per m2 in its category.
– Ease of installation with a no welds, no sleeves concept
– Fast assembly with reduced numbers of bolts
– Reduced number of containers.
– Extended lifespan with a reduced exposure to water splashing on side walls,
Bio-security performance is C-Lines first priority. Our Generation® line comes with finest industry practices:
– Sleek and post-free production space, with water proofed internal flashings,
– Sturdy and coated material for farming environment,
– Fully air-tighted house
– Dry external bottom side walls
Our Generation® buildings are available in double storeys solutions to adapt to your land constraints.



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