Industry: Poultry
Structure: Evolution
Country: Zambia Zambia

Thanks to a global presence in over 60 countries around the world, C-Lines can offer turnkey solutions in every country. As in Africa, where we recently supported a local customer in building his new commercial egg production business, located in the Kafue district, 30km south of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.
The customer was looking for a bio-secure structure, protection from theft, and which could reduce the internal heat in summer, whilst retaining it in winter, an essential aspect for the well-being and efficient production of its laying hens.

How did we do it ?

After checking the available space and production needs with an inspection, we planned the best project to optimize the space and value for money investment.
The choice fell on a building measuring 9 m x 124 m x 4 m which houses a 113-meter 4-tier and 3-row Tecno poultry system with a capacity of about 40,000 hens.
Thanks to the custom made components, we assembled the skeleton in just 1 month and then completed the structure, supervising the entire process on site with our skilled engineers.

What advantages for the customer ?

  • The whole structure is bio-secure and is designed to prevent the entry of rodents, wild animals, and other potential disease carrying creatures ;
  • Roof, gables, and partial side walls are made with insulating materials not only to preserve the temperature, but also to reduce noise and, therefore, relieve the stress of the animals ;
  • The building is built in galvanized steel, a material that does not rust and does not deteriorate in high humidity environments ;
  • The service rooms and bird area have a comfortable natural internal temperature thanks to the high insulation values;
  • The efficient ventilation system is a highly appreciated strength in the continuous management of heat and cold.


Thanks to fast processing and a punctual, efficient construction method, the customer was able to start production in a very short time, with his and all C-Lines’ genuine satisfaction for yet another winning project.