Industry: Hatchery
Structure: Infinity
Country: Bangladesh Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, a poultry integrator specialized in hatching, turned to C-Lines to implement an expansion that could support their growth and increase opportunities from new farmers in the country.

Rather than undertaking a massive improvement project, this farm chose to construct a new facility, relying on C-Lines, a company specialized in the production of prefabricated buildings of proven reliability.

How did we act?
Having ascertained the customer’s requests and needs, C-Lines’ Infinity product was recommended. This fully customizable tailor-made solution fulfilled the requirements of cost-effectiveness and controlled budget on supply and assembly; reduced design and construction times; proven reliability and engineering coordination; high quality final product in conformity with the high international standards; lower operating costs and durability; and on-site construction supervision.

During the design phase, we studied how to position/adapt the hatchery equipment and ventilation systems in a versatile way, designing a modular layout which would come together quickly. The result? From the receipt of the materials, to the installation, and turnkey completion, the 5400 sqm building was completely erected and equipped in 6 months. All of the customer’s requirements were met throughout every single phase with the aim of making this farm more competitive on the hatchery market.

What are the technical advantages for the customer?
-Fully-workable 3 meters high attic space
-Modular layout with structure-free span up to 28 meters
-Enhanced bio-security with special environmental treatments for easy cleaning, waterproofing, and insulation

Like any project developed in an international context and under demanding conditions, C-Lines has shown that it can manage complex situations respecting execution times and budget expectations.

The Farms’ great satisfaction with the brand-new state-of-the-art building is expressed in numbers: the equipment immediately exceeded their expected performance, with a first hatching success rate of 94.5% (with a total capacity installed of 55 million eggs hatched each year). This figure illustrates the perfect suitability between equipment and C-Lines buildings.

Another great success signed by C-Lines.