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The INFINITY ® range of buildings offers the best performance on the market in terms of a controlled working environment, biosafety and process optimization. Our flexible customer-focused design  will help you create the ideal building from the initial consultation, through to completion.

The C-Lines Infinity buildings offer a complete range of prefabricated solutions for the entire supply-chain of protein food industry:
– Hatcheries
– Egg grading buildings and conditioning centers
– Packing stations
– Meat processing plants
– Food processing plants
– Cold storages
– Logistic hubs and centers
– Grain storages
C-Lines Infinity line offers an infinite range of possibilities to shelter your assets:
– Post free structures up to 65m in span,
– Fully bolted frames for simple and rapid installation.
– Compliant with international structural regulations in any loads and climate configuration,

Our Infinity pre-fabricated structures
are designed and built to be strong, highly durable and extremely
cost effective.

Our Infinity buildings’ flexible and customer-centric approach, will help you to visualise your ideal building right from the initial consultation, through to completion.
Our complex buildings’ project management includes:
– A personalised customer accompaniment,
– Rapid and effective design service
– Coordination support to help with other project’ stakeholders,
– Possible financing solutions
C-Lines Infinity buildings developped for the food industry will help you respect local veterinary compliances and HACCP/FDA or equivalent standards:
– Food grade PLB coatings, highly resistant, easy to clean and mould proof,
– Water proof joints with special plinths, angles and flashings,
– Stainless steel fittings,
– Antimicrobial flooring finishing,
– Optimized processes and working environment
For an unrestrained experience, our Infinity buildings can be pre-engineered in a full or partial turn-key contract and a wide range of equipment :
– Electrical distribution system,
– Complete drainage and gray waters handling,
– Refrigeration systems,
– Flooring coating,
– Plumbing and sanitary equipment,



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