A promising investment in the poultry field of South Africa: the Oron Trading case history

Industry: Poultry
Structure: Generation
Country: South Africa South Africa

The market in South African Republic has shown a need for an increase in locally produced poultry meat.

Our client, Oron Trading, specialized in investments, saw an opportunity in a local group that has started growing its own poultry meat, so he decided to invest in it.

How did we act?
We designed and developed the exact house specifications that the customer had in mind: the first type of this design in Southern Africa that has the best benefit in terms of cost per bird.

Our buildings have valued benefits such as insulation properties that have no equal in South Africa. The galvanized steel structure has longstanding advantages, although the initial investment may be higher. The new Generation® designed building, indeed, offers an environment that is bio secured and resistant to any weather condition.

Under exceedingly difficult and uncertain times, not only in South Africa, but around the world as the Covid-19 pandemic exploded globally and locally, we still managed to meet the requested deadlines.

Project details:

  • Area designated for the birds: 133 meters long and 13 meters wide
  • Numbers of animals it can shelter: 35.000 broiler per house
  • Height of ceiling: internal eaves are 2.3 meters tall and the highest point in the center of the house is 3 meters

What are the technical advantages for the customer?
As a result of the flexibility in design, and customization for our customers, the client came up with the best value money solution in the long-term, which was a specially design poultry house.

The customer was satisfied with the product solution as well with the product delivery, so much so that he invested in another C-Lines project.

Queries and issues were addressed in the utmost professional and respectful manner with constant client-management communication.

There was a good synergy between customer and team: the installation team was respectful of customer’s property and the facilities provide to them for the duration of the installation.

Even though C-Lines in South Africa have had changes in their business model for Africa, by transitioning into a dealership while the project was running, the customer enjoyed the utmost professional assistance and hand-on approach from the appointed dealership, namely lnsogalv (PTY) LTD.

This project is the demonstration that everything is possible with the right attitude.