A broiler house expansion for a poultry farm in India

Industry: Poultry
Structure: Generation
Country: India India

Golden Group specialises in poultry production in India. They have had explosive growth while maintaining outstanding quality, value and service of their hatcheries and broilers. This is why the Group put their trust on C-lines to build their new broiler houses, as they expand.

For this house, we suggested our Generation® structure to the costumer, as it matched all their requests and needs.

We identified the Generation® as the best solution for the customer’s broiler turnkey project, as the project not only included the building, but also all the broiler equipment, supplied by Cumberland. Cumberland, also a brand of AGCO, maximizes production for poultry producers around the world by offering a full line of equipment, which is durable and reliable with innovative technology to simplify operation.

Together, C-lines and Cumberland surpassed all of the customer’s expectations.

C-Lines’ Generation structure was ideal for the project, thanks to its combination of lightweight and robust design, which will meet all high standard and demands of poultry industry, such as bio security.

The ultra-light structure has an aerodynamic design, resistant to any weather condition. It has great performance for suspended loads (hanging nets, hoppers, trolley, feeds and watering rail).

Broiler house details:
– 1,952 m² structure
– 29,700 bird capacity
– 8.2 feet high ceilings

The advantages for the customer
Thanks to the precise design, the broiler house is very quick to install, which will reduce 25%-30% from the project’s timeline when complete.
With all deliveries on time, we have followed every step with technical supervision at site. The customer is very happy for our continued support; from unloading of materials to supervision of their local contractors.

We aim to give prompt engineering support throughout the process, as well as making all technical specifications easy to understand, for the whole team. Which means all drawings are self-explanatory, making it very easy for all involved to understand while they proceed.

Another great project to be proud of, as we hope this broiler house is a pilot, which will lead to many future expansions projects with Golden Group.

Together, we can assure that the future of the India’s poultry industry is bright.