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Meat processing plant BUILDINGS

C-Lines will be able to provide a solution to your meat processing plant projects.

Our experience in the design and construction of buildings for the food industry will provide you with a high performance solution for your and meat processing plant and buildings. We are able to offer you a catalog of options up to the turnkey building including plumbing, electricity, water drainage / sanitary facilities and interior finishes. A particular attention will be paid to the respect of sanitary standards and the ease of maintenance of the building. No structural element will be apparent to facilitate the cleaning of the building and prevent any development of bacteria.

Our team of engineers and designers will design a building that meets the requirements of local and national construction in terms of structural, climatic and seismic regulations. The use of the C profile will provide easy and fast erection in accordance with your planning constraints. For your large-scale projects, we will also provide solutions in terms of building for employees (dormitories, canteen, toilets, etc.) but also for the administrative staff (offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, etc).



The INFINITY ® range of buildings offer the best possible performance in terms of control of the working environment, biosafety and process optimization. 

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