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Cattle livestock building

Benefiting from an extraordinary experience feedback from more than 60 countries, and with more than 200 constructions per year, C-Lines has been able to adapt and offer high quality cow barns and cattle livestock buildings that are bio secured and resistant to any weather condition.

C-LINES offers different types of cow barns to meet the highest requirements for dairy production, calves or suckler cows.

Animal welfare is our priority, thus maximizing the feed conversion rate, milk and meat production.



Our options for product range offer all from the «functional» to the «turnkey» building. C-Lines’ skilled team will be able to advise you from the building design, to implementation of technical rooms, about natural light, etc.; we will find the best way to ensure a long building life.


The INFINITY ® range of buildings offer the best possible performance in terms of control of the working environment, biosafety and process optimization.

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